Personalization Services

Looking for personalized gavels for your ceremony? You're in the right place! As a full-service graphic design shop, we can provide you with the expertise you need to transform your logo or message into a gorgeous display for your ceremony.

Text, logos and custom graphics are available on all of our products, and our graphic design specialists will prepare your supplied artwork with the specified application in mind. Whether you're looking for laser engraving that pops, full-color for that amplified WOW-factor, or the classical look of rotary engraving, we've got you covered!

Gavel Personalization Options

What's the difference between bitmap and vector?

Bitmap images are stored as small dots called pixels, and when arranged in a pattern form an image. When you zoom in on an image you can see the individual squares, and it is for this reason that bitmap images are difficult to resize without severe degradation. Unlike bitmaps, vector images are stored as mathematical lines and curves to form shapes, and can be resized at will. We use vector images exclusively because they can be manipulated for our various processes without loss of image information, and while we prefer to use vector versions of your art and logos, we can convert your bitmap art for use in the imprint and engraving process.

Product No. Graphic Design Services Price
(GAVELS) 4669001 Bitmap Supplied Artwork/Layout 1 Hour, Proof & 1 Revision $85.00
(GAVELS) 4669007 Vector Supplied Artwork/Layout 1 Hour, Proof & 1 Revision $50.00
(GAVELS) 4669002 Additional Artwork/Layout Beyond 1 Hour - Per Hour $70.00
(GAVELS) 4669003 Artwork Modification/Layout, Proof & 1 Revision $45.00
(GAVELS) 4669004 Proof Layout & 1 Revision $15.00
(GAVELS) 4669005 Virtual Proof Layout & 1 Revision Contact Us
(EAG) EAG Shop Rate & Custom Services $75/hour ($1.25/minute)

If you are submitting artwork please follow our Artwork Submission Guidelines.